What Makes the Tundra Secondary Air Injection System Unique?

The secondary air injection system of tundra Toyota is a part of the federally mandated emission requirements. The system will improve cold-start emissions by pumping fresh air from beneath the front wheels to the air intake. The air will go through a set of valves which directly open to the exhaust system. When the vehicle is started, the antenna will help the catalytic converter to heat quickly. This makes the cat efficient at getting rid of exhaust gases.

Why You Should Use the Tundra Secondary Air Injection System
The system will run for at least two minutes when the vehicle starts. The system was created by the company so they can follow EPA cold start emissions rules. You need to find a repair shop who will fix the system when it malfunctions. The main reasons why the system would fail is condensation builds up in the pump tubing or the air pump.

If both the air pumps fail then the repair shop will have to change the engine code. In other cases, the switching valves might have rusted due to moisture since the water would be pumped into the system through the valve. The repair shop will also have to check the engine code so they can take care of the problem on time. The air injection system can still affect the engine computer and cause it to go to limp mode.

You need a repair shop which has been in the industry for a long time because they understand what it takes to have an efficient tundra secondary air injection system. People need to check how well the repair shop understand the air injection system and the experience they have. It is suitable to go to a Toyota repair shop because they understand the needs of every vehicle.

If you have warranty then you should not worry too much. Some people lack a warranty so they can buy the code scanner and clear the codes will take about fifteen minutes. You can also purchase the sais bypass kit. The kit is supposed to manipulate the system into thinking that it is working. Check the engine codes to see if you have a warranty.

The mass air flow sensor harness is usually wired to the bypass kit. The bypass kit is affordable but you can discuss with the repair shop to get information.  You need a professional who can install it properly to avoid problems.  The repair shop will have to inspect the secondary air injection system to see if the kit is needed. Learn more on this site: https://www.britannica.com/science/compressed-air.

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